How to Apply Press On Nails


  1. Trim your nails: Trim your nails to a suitable length, where your natural nail does not exceed the press on nail.
  2. Buff your nail beds: Using the wooden orange stick, push back your cuticles. Using the nail file, buff the shine off your natural nail. Buffing your nail bed allows for the adhesive to have a better grip on your nails, resulting in longer wear! But be careful not to over-buff your nails!
  3. File the cuticle end (bottom) of the press on nail: Using the nail file, file the bottom of the press on nail to ensure that it fits the shape of your cuticle perfectly! Everyone’s shape is different, and this mostly forgotten step will help to ensure the most natural looking press on set!
  4. Clean your nail bed: Using the alcohol swab, clean your nail beds. This removes any excess dirt and oil, ensuring a longer wear.
  5. Apply your press on nails:
  • Using the adhesive tabs (1 week wear): Choose the appropriate size tab, and stick it to the bottom of the press on nail. Peel off the plastic layer, and stick it onto your natural nails. Repeat for all 10 nails.
  • Using the nail glue (1-3 weeks wear): Poke a hole at the tip of the nozzle of the glue bottle. Apply a suitable amount of glue to your natural nails, and press and hold the press on nail down for at least 30 seconds. Repeat for all 10 nails.